Burlesque extravaganza

BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA is a travel diary, a road movie into Burlesque world made by Grace Hall, during her tournée between North Europe, USA and Canada.

The film is a magic box full of fantasy, skills, dance, singing, circus, magic, trasformism, unique and talented performers and their points of view about a magic world that they support everyday with love and passion, constantly evolving to create something new and astonishing.

The movie shows an undraped backstage and the real “behind the scene” of creating an act.
We will discover the importance of make-up and hairstyle, the creation of the costume and all those elements who create an act.

This project also focuses on the stereotypes about women and on the modern world vision of women and sexuality. Burlesque is a real therapy who increases confidence and helps you to love yourself.


Genre: Documentary
Director: Grace Hall
Producer: Grace Hall - Zed Film
Script: Francesco Maria Dominedo’
Music: Franco Eco
Editing: Debora Pignotti/Marco Castelli
Illustrations: Paron Pipeta
Language: English/Italian
Runtime: 61 min
Aspect ratio: 1:77:1
Image: Color/2D


in appearance order:
Grace Hall - Nuit Blanche - Bianca Nevius - Sior Mirkaccio - Giuditta Sin - Cleo Viper - Renzo Arbore - Criss Bluebell & The Velvelettes - Marcella Puppini - Mynx D’Meanor - Vibrissa - Bunny Pistol - Sina King - Rhonda Cort - Bettina May - Anja Pavlova - Xarah von den Vielenregen - Kitten DeVille - Janet Fischietto - Betsy Rose - The Puppini Sisters - Erochica Bamboo - La Viola Vixen - Clea Cutthroat - Amber Ray - Joyce Tang - Jim Sweeney - Freaky Candy - Vixen Valentine - Sgt. Die Weis - Laurie Hagen - Lou Lou D’vil - Russell Bruner - Ray Gunn - Tiffany Carter - Ezi Rider - Gina Bon Bon.

Grace Hall

Actress, cabaret chanteuse, producer, MC and burlesque performer, Grace Hall splits her time between filmmaking, acting, singing, producing and performing in burlesque shows.

Hailed as the “Queen of Italian Burlesque” by the Italian media as well as in the book Burlesque by Castelvecchi, Grace Hall has over 17 years experience as a professional actress (aka Emma Nitti). She has performed in national and international theatrical productions, cinema and tv (Abel Ferrara, Gabriele Muccino, Gigi Proietti just to mention some of them). She is an award winning actress for Cinque of F. M. Dominedo’.

Ms Hall ’s been invited to attend and perform in the most successful italian Tv shows and participated as a guest on several popular radio shows.

She was in the cast of the Tv program Sanremo Inside and hosted the 2013 and 2014 editions of Summer Jamboree, the most important international festival of 40′s and 50′s American music and culture.

Beauty icon (Woman of the week by the magazine Grazia Italy for her unique style), Grace Hall is the Fonder and Art director of the italian school Il Tempio del Burlesque in Rome and producer of the shows Grace ‘s Tricks Revue and Cabaret Burlesque.

As an expert tease in great demand, she’s performed in fabulous festivals and beautiful venues across the planet dancing and singing her way through Europe, the US and Canada. It is during her international tours that she had the idea to produce the documentary Burlesque Extravaganza.